‣ Are you a small business owner or online entrepreneur who works non-stop just to grow your business?

‣‣ Do you spend a lot of time and money building your website, setting up your email campaigns and workflows and managing your social media but still can't seem to get ahead of the competition?

‣‣‣ Have you also hired a VA that suddenly bailed on a task or magically disappeared?

FINALLY...It doesn't have to be that way anymore!

Clients Prefer A Techie VA...and that's ME!

Hi there! I'm Eleazar, Your Virtual Business Partner and I don't have any disappearing tricks up my sleeve.

What I do have are virtual skills to help entrepreneurs like you grow your business by taking some of the load off your work so that you can focus on more important matters — scaling your business.

My role is to take over mundane admin, general and technical tasks so that you can generate more leads, increase conversion and make sales. After all that's why you got into business right? Aside from making your passion your profession I'll bet.

Are you looking for a worthy virtual business partner to help you run your business while you sleep?

Then the answer is right in front of your screen. Welcome to my website!


Learn the 3 Types of Conversion Funnels and What Funnel Your Business Should Be Using

"No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit."
— Andrew Carnegie

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Let Me Help You With:

WordPress Management

‣ Website Design and Development

‣ eCommerce & Membership sites 

‣ Blog Monetization

‣ Website Security and Maintenance

Landing Pages

‣ Conversion Focused Landing Pages

‣ Sales Pages and Funnels

‣ Opt-in Forms and Pages

‣ Webinars, Free and Paid Courses

Marketing Automation

‣ Email Campaign Setup

‣ Drip Email Automation Workflows

‣ Personalization and Targeting

‣ Self-Paced Email Courses

"If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you've got to learn to delegate."
— Richard Branson

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Matt Donnelly Principal, Donnelly Creative

Eleazar is a resourceful web dev...

who goes the extra mile to make sure a project is successful. He might not know the answer to all your questions, but he doesn't stop until he comes up with a brilliant solution to each task you have. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs a great web experience for your users.

Joey Tayaban Concierge Director, TrulyRichClub

He is truly a TRC Ambassador!

Having Eleazar on the team makes our job easier. We always have a lot of attendees because of his initiative to promote and market online our bi-monthly live events and webinars. His positive attitude towards each task assigned to him is commendable.

Xand Abadesco Account Specialist, TrulyRichClub

The second IT Guy we needed!

Even though my husband is an IT Guy he was always busy so I'm very glad Eleazar contacted us and helped us fill our live events and webinars using his Facebook Marketing skills. He likes to innovate and use only the best online tools and apps to help us scale our business.

Rach Castro Student, WFHBA Mentorship Program

He is resourceful & persistent in solving problems.

Eleazar is definitely more than the sum of its parts. Aside from his excellent virtual skills and natural wit, he is a blessing to fellow and aspiring Virtual Assistants. He goes out of his way to share his knowledge. He is actively and creatively engaged in our community. Most of all, he inspires in each one of us a kind of service beyond the call of duty.

Ellie Trinidad Student, WFHBA Mentorship Program

Eleazar is a highly skilled virtual professional.

He is a fast learner and zealous worker. He is very generous with his knowledge and even with his laptop. Yes, I have used his laptop a few times when our group would meet up for our unofficial learning sessions. I got to experience being guided by him in these instances and even via FB messenger.

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